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Strategic Planning

Why building a solid strategic foundation is important for your business

The objective of strategy is to develop a sustainable, competitive advantage that helps your organisation achieve long term prosperity. It goes much deeper than marketing tactics or goal setting. Successful strategy should aim to be;

  • Visionary - By looking forward to predict market conditions and future customer needs
  • Opportunistic - By assessing internal and external factors to determine where you are most likely to succeed
  • Purposeful - By establishing where you are and where you want to go
  • Focused - By identifying the breakthrough opportunties that will distinguish you in the market place and give you the best possible returns

Strategy planning is typically a small cost in any business development programme, but performed correctly, can have the greatest impact on sales and business growth.



How can we help with your strategy

Using our proprietary strategic business framework, we can help uncover a number of important insights about your current situation, potential opportunities and where you can best position for leadership. Our process seeks to answer a number of critical questions;

  • What defines your identity and where do your key strengths lie
  • What is the current state and health of your marketplace
  • Where are the gaps in the market / where are your customers are underserved
  • What organisational capabilities can best serve particular segments
  • Which value discipline will you model your offer around
  • Will your value proposition resonate with your target market

The outcome of this process will provide you with a solid strategic foundation - a clear understanding about where you can lead, and therefore where you should focus your business development efforts.






Create your Strategic Edge Workshop


We can facilitate a workshop with key decision makers in your organisation and work collaboratively through our proprietary framework, The Strategic Business Primerâ„¢. The objective of this workshop is to;


  • Gain insights into your market health, opportunities that exist for your business, and how you can best position your offer to your target market
  • Deliver a tangible positioning statement, value proposition and next steps - building on your strategic foundation.

Content of workshop can be tailored to focus on particular sectors such as technology startups, retail, healthcare, and professional associations. 

Strategic Marketing Coaching


Strategic planning is only useful if it's implemented. We can work with your business development team to translate the strategic framework into a tactical 12 month plan. Regular face to face coaching may include the following activities;

  • Align tactical activities to strategic plan
  • Identify and prioritise activities that will give the biggest returns
  • Refine and review plans and goals if or when market changes
  • Put in place accountability measures for key success drivers
  • Work with our proprietary strategic business framework to identify new opportunities and systems for sales and marketing improvements

Our strategic marketing coach will act as your dedicated resource for your organisation to help drive success.




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