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News & Updates

Redalto is shutting its doors. But it’s not goodbye.

Redalto is shutting its doors. Why?...


We’ve served business clients in Australia for over 11 years and have prided ourselves on high quality work and results driven strategies for our business clients.


However, the web design and marketing industry has changed significantly during this time.  It’s now a hyper-competitive landscape which no longer affords us the margins we need to spend time and resources necessary to do the high level of work we pride ourselves on. 


We took a good hard look at what we wanted to do, and came to the conclusion that there are better ways to help our customers to grow their business. Websites are just one tool in the marketing toolbox. So, we decided to get out of the web design business.


What next for Redalto customers?


For Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration
Redalto Hosting services have been acquired by W4 Hosting. You’ll be happy with them. Their infrastructure is truly awesome - fast, resilient, scalable. They own and manage all their infrastructure, designed from the ground up with businesses in mind. Your services will be un-interrupted as they support the existing Redalto infrastructure. And sometime in the next 12 months, you will be migrated to their super-fast tier III data centre. They’ve taken over the 1300 number and all Redalto emails are being automatically redirected there.


For Website Design and Web App Development
W4 Hosting are a web hosting specialist company so won’t be able to help in this area. But I can offer some free consultancy to help any former clients needing assistance.  I know quite a few web professionals and agencies around Australia.  I can contact them on your behalf, see who’s available, and present 2 or 3 options that would be fit for your needs. To make this happen, complete this form and send it through to tim (at) redalto (dot) com.


For Digital Marketing Strategy and Startup Coaching
This is where I can continue to help.  You can reach me through my new business startup consultancy. This is where I’ll be doing what I love best. Helping businesses get off the ground, stand-out from the crowd, and attract clients.


Is this goodbye…?

Although, it’s sad to see Redalto in its current incarnation come to an end, this is merely a step in the ever evolving digital marketing space.  We’ll be assisting our web hosting and web marketing customers to transition, and thereafter will re-emerge in another form. So stay tuned.



Tim Vandergriend

Former Managing Director and Founder

Redalto Communications.