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News & Updates

Redalto Hosting is now Homepage Centre


For over 10 years Redalto Communications has been providing a range of online services under one umbrella brand.  We not only provide web hosting, but also build highly complex database driven websites. And importantly, help clients sell more by attracting and converting leads via the web.


However, we came to realise that we had some challenges in how our clients perceived our brand. Firstly, we wanted Redalto to be seen as more than a Web Hosting company.  Secondly, some of the fantastic benefits of our web hosting solution were being lost in the myriad of other services we were communicating under the Redalto brand. We therefore decided to break out our Web Hosting service to its own distinct brand, with its own dedicated website. 

We are therefore proud to announce, our new business web hosting brand…Homepage CentreTake the tour and discover all the benefits of a True Cloud Web Hosting solution.