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News & Updates

Apple Map listing now available to Australian businesses


Apple has announced today that its Maps listings are now open to Australian businesses.  So this month, we’re focusing on helping our managed clients get a local listing on Apple Maps.


What’s new with Apple Maps?

  • Australian businesses can now enter their details to be included the Apple Map database
  • When iPhone users open the Maps application on their iPhone, and are near your location, they will see your business listing.


Why is mobile map marketing important to my business?

  • 50% of smartphone shoppers use a GPS/mapping app to find a retail location (Source: Nielsen)
  • 78% of mobile searches for a local business result in a purchase (source: CommScore)


I’m already listed in Google Maps, so why is Apple Maps important?

  • Apple Maps is the default map application for iPhone
  • iPhone market share is roughly at 35% of handheld devices.
  • iPhone users tend to be more affluent, are more likely to be women, and therefore have more buying power than Android phone users


How Redalto helps businesses setup their Apple Map listing;

  • We will create a new Apple Maps account if you don’t have one already
  • We will setup and verify your Map listing
  • We will add content and images where possible to maximise your exposure
  • And importantly, we will make sure your branding in Apple Map Connect is consistent with your website and other online channels


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